What the hell is going on here?
At This Is Going To Be Awkward you can feel comfortable -- well, as comfortable as someone like you is constitutionally capable. With one email, you can:
  • Disapprove of your friends' romantic partners
  • Hide behind a shroud of pithy quips to attract love/sex
  • Insult and celebrate co-workers
  • Tell others you've farted
We send the emails so you don't have to.
Because having secret feelings isn't just for old people anymore.

Why did you send me email?
If you received a card, it's because someone on the vast internet thought you either needed to hear something or thought you would find it funny. TIGTBA sends out a newsletter to subscribers, but only to subscribers. Like other email providers, TIGTBA doesn't send out cards unless a user initiates it.

Who sent me this card?
We don't know. We don't ask for any personal information from the users who send cards. The only information we do receive and retain is the IP address of the sender. We wouldn't be able to track down an individual based on that information, but law enforcement, given the right warrants, may. This information is available to the recipient in the headers of their email.

Kindly never email me again. How do I unsubscribe?
Whether or not you've ever received an email from us, you can unsubscribe using this form. If you received an email, there's also link at the bottom where you can unsubscribe in one click.